What I Will Do For You


My primary goal is to ease your burden during a potentially stressful and emotional time and work with you to determine the optimal solution for your possessions and situation.


I work on one sale at a time, so you’ll have my full attention. I can do in days what might take you weeks or months. For the sale, I will:

  • Sort through documents and papers to separate what’s needed from what isn’t
  • Find and preserve family keepsakes and photographs
  • Organize, mark, inventory and display your items
  • Advertise the sale (in print and online)
  • Conduct a successful, safe and professional sale
  • Donate any remaining useful items to charity — my ultimate goal is conducting a sale with zero-waste
  • Promptly provide you with a sales summary, donation receipt, and payment.
  • For more about this please see the Timeline for an Estate Sale.



I manage household cleanouts for families looking to downsize, move out of state, or declutter their belongings. I will:

  • Organize and inventory your belongings
  • Coordinate sales and donations
  • Clean out your home.


I can help you organize, pack, manage, and/or unpack a move. I will assist you with practical decisions about what to keep when moving or downsizing.

Contact me with any questions or to set up a free consultation.